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Heuchera 'Amethyst Mist' $1.35 Click Here
Large glossy leaves of dark purple with silver highlights. Tiny, creamy white flowers appear in late spring, but is grown mainly for its foliage.
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Heuchera Heureka TM 'Amber Lady' ppaf* $1.35 Click Here
This (6 inch high) heuchera has beautiful amber leaves with a pink underside and a silver hue tops it off. A great container plant. Plus .15 royalty.
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Heuchera Heureka TM 'Black Knight' ppaf* $1.35 Click Here
Our second 'container' heuchera at six inches in height is 'Black Knight'. Starting with green leaves that quickly deepen into dark reddish-black with a silver overlay, 'Black Knight' is a winner. plus .15 royalty.
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Heuchera 'Plum Pudding' $1.35 Click Here
Cream colored flowers stand on 18 inch stems over a mound of plum-purple foliage.
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Hosta 'Patriot' $2.00 Click Here
Leaves are dark green and ovate. Margin is wide and creamy white. Flowers are lavender. A large hosta with a mounding growth habit of 2' x 3' tall. Plant in shade gardens. VIRUS INDEXED AND NEGATIVE
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Hosta 'Sum and Substance' $1.50 Click Here
Thick, large, waxy golden heart-shaped leaves, and lavender flowers make this large Hosta a well-known favorite. Produces pale lavender flowers in late summer, and its color is better when it gets some sun. VIRUS INDEXED AND NEGATIVE