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Ophiopogon japonicus nigrescens 'Nana'* $1.50 Click Here
This beauty gets 4 - 6" high and is very upright with it's bottom leaves arching slightly. Its color is deep black with a glauca shine to the underneath. A must have for a container, fairy garden or as a border. *Plus .20 royalty.
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Oxalis regnellii 'Francis' $1.00 Click Here
A beautiful perennial bulb plant with a bright, vivid purple shamrock leaf (triangular shaped) and lilac blooms.
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Oxalis triangularis 'Ebony' Allure tm * $1.00 Click Here
This Oxalis gets about 15 inches tall, clumping. With jet black foliage and pink flowers that fade into white, this guy is great for containers, landscape, or even mass planting. *Plus .10 royalty