TechnicianAG3, located in Eustis, Florida , was incorporated in 1993 and produces herbaceous perennials, grasses, sedges, bulbs, insectivorous, ferns and tropical varieties.

We are a biological technology company producing and selling tissue culture liners on a wholesale level, we now have a total of 40 technicians. Tissue-culture is the duplication of the original plant we put into production, in doing so we have an exact replica of the "mother" plant. We clone plants!

Lab technicians working in 25,000 square feet of controlled lab space, use scalpels, microscopes and petri dishes to produce thousands of plants from a single growing tip cut from a superior "mother" plant. Our plants are grown on a gelled nutrient-rich medium with growth regulators. They are grown in vessels and on shelves in a sterile laboratory which is temperature and light controlled. Each plant is disease free and can be virus indexed upon request.

When the plants are large enough to be harvested, they are planted in soil and allowed to root and grow to a height of 3"- 5" in our 100,000 feet of greenhouses. They are then sold as liners in 72 cell packs.

By using tissue-culture, a single plant can be used to grow limitless numbers of that plant. If researchers develop a hybrid with curative properties, AG3, Inc can mass-produce the variety.