Begonia Harmony's 'Red Robin'
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Common Name:
Ornamental Features:
This beautiful rex type begonia has blood red, heart shaped leaves. It also hosts a black margin and a black center. Great contrast for the garden.
Habit and Growth Rate:
Up to 12 inches high & wide.
Landscape Value:
Container or garden usage
Zone 10
Pot Size & Finish Time:
3 inch, 4 inch, quart
Propagation Methods:
Tissue Culture
Pest/Disease Problems:
More Information:
MEDIA: Airy mix of Peat, Bark and Perlite MEDIA MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: Range of 2 (on 1-5 scale, 5 being an aquatic) LIGHT: >1200 Ft candles HUMIDITY: >40% to 70% SOIL TEMP: keep between 55 and 85 degrees F PH: 5.8-6.2