Dionaea muscipula x 'King Henry'
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Common Name:
Dionaea muscipula x 'King Henry'
Ornamental Features:
This plant is so interesting to watch because of the beautiful large leaves shaped like traps. It has tiny hairs inside of the trap that it's victim lands on and triggers it to close on the victim.
Habit and Growth Rate:
Grow in very bright light, and warm environment. This plant will eat 2 to 3 flies per Month.
Landscape Value:
Plant with other combined carnivorous
Zone 6 - 10
Keep damp at all times
Pot Size & Finish Time:
3 inch (4 to 6 weeks) 8 inch (8 to 10 weeks)
Propagation Methods:
Tissue culture and division
Pest/Disease Problems:
Fungus gnats