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Tiarella 'Brandywine' $1.00 Click Here
Basal, ovate to heart-shaped, mid-green leaves with conspicuous veins and sparse, bristly hairs. Bears tiny, star-shaped, fluffy white flowers in a profusion of upright, spike-like racemes.
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Tiarella cordifolia 'Fancy Trails' ppaf * $1.00 Click Here
From Master Plantsman, Chris Hansen, 'Fancy Trails' is a perfect container plant with a bright green margin that hosts deep purple to black deeply lobed leaves. Flowers sit on top of the foliage with white star shaped puffs with pink tips. +.20 roy.
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Tradescantia 'Sweet Kate' $0.75 Click Here
Narrowly lance-shaped, pointed hairless, yellow green leaves. Blue flowers, each have 3 wide-open, triangular petals and fluffy-hairy stamen hairs.