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AG3, Inc. offers a unique diversity of tissue culture plants for worldwide distribution, striving to enhance the success of our customers.

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Dionaea muscipula $0.80 Click Here
Hinged, rounded, 2-lobed green leaves with stiff spines with 3 or 4 sensitive hairs in each center.
Plant Price Availability
Dionaea muscipula 'Akai Ryu' $0.90 Click Here
Hinged, rounded, 2-lobed red leaves with stiff marginal spines and 3 or 4 sensitive hairs in the center of each lobe.
Plant Price Availability
Dionaea muscipula 'Cup Trap' $0.90 Click Here
This wonderful plant has green leaves that are shaped like traps. They are covered inside by tiny hairs and a sticky, sweet smelling substance attractive to insects. The trap is closed around it's victim until the plant is ready for a new catch.
Plant Price Availability
Dionaea muscipula 'Dente' $0.80 Click Here
This great form of the Venus Fly Trap has a much deeper green coloration in the foliage, and the hairs along the edge of the trap are fused, creating small triangles.
Plant Price Availability
Dionaea muscipula X 'King Henry'* $0.90 Click Here
This plant is so interesting to watch because of the beautiful leaves shaped like traps. It has tiny hairs inside of the trap so when it's victim lands on it the trap will trigger and close on the victim. *Plus .10 royalty
Plant Price Availability
Drosera spathulata $0.65 Click Here
Leaves are alternate or whorled and linear to almost circular, the blades covered and fringed with gland-tipped green hairs, which trap and digest insects. Flowers are racemes of 5-petioled, pink blooms.
Plant Price Availability
Drosera spathulata 'Fraser Island Form' $0.65 Click Here
A tropical sundew native to Fraser Island off the coast of New Zealand.
Plant Price Availability
Nepenthes sanguinea $1.50 Click Here
Long leaves cascade over the ppot with slender red pitchers, which are 5 to 6 inches.
Plant Price Availability
Nepenthes ventricosa $1.50 Click Here
Low grower with compact leaves and red pitchers with red variegation.
Plant Price Availability
Pinguicula primuliflora $0.75 Click Here
Insectivorous plant with rosettes of mucilage-secreting, lance-shaped to almost rounded leaves and leafless stems bearing solitary, spurred, 2-lobed, trumpet-shaped, pale purple flower.
Plant Price Availability
Sarracenia 'Bug Bat' $1.10 Click Here
Sarracenia 'Bug Bat' has copper color pitchers and grows to 20 inches tall.
Plant Price Availability
Sarracenia 'Fat Chance' $1.10 Click Here
Called the fastest growing pitcher plant, 'Fat Chance' boasts a deep red pitcher when in the full sun.
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Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tarnok' * $1.10 Click Here
The upright, green pitchers have ruffled hoods. A white coloration in the upper portion of this pitcher stands out between the red veins.
Plant Price Availability
Sarracenia x 'Dana's Delight' $1.10 Click Here
Ruffled hood which covers most of the pitcher opening. Red veins and pink colors dominate the appearance of the hood.
Plant Price Availability
Sarracenia x 'Scarlet Belle' $1.10 Click Here
A low-lying Sarracenia hybrid that has angled leaves. The ends of the pitchers color with prominant red veins enclosing white markings.
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